Things we care about

Because of the business we are in – lavender farming – we are pretty passionate about what happens to our earth.  We are also very passionate about youth – the upcoming generation, the one after that and the one after that and so on. 


We know climate change is a very real threat to our world.  We’ve seen in change here in on the farm.  “Way back when” we never had to worry much about irrigation.  Lavender seemed to store enough water to sustain itself.  But the last few years – in Oregon we saw a couple summer days that were right around 112 degrees.  As you can guess, irrigation is a now a major consideration.  That’s why we installed a slow drip irrigation system that puts water right where it belongs. And we time that watering down to the minute during those hot periods.


We’re also putting our faith in our future generations by finding and supporting organizations that have the same concern for climate control.

Oregon Environmental Council

Narrative on our commitment and donation to OEC

Ecology in Classrooms

In 2005, Sarah Woods and Bethany Shetterly Thomas developed a friendship while volunteering as environmental educators. They saw, firsthand, the critical need for students to have greater access to hands-on science curriculum both in schools and the field. And so, ECO was born.