Hand Painted Roller Bottle 10ml glass


Our glass Roller Bottle is perfect for you to mix your own oil scents in!  It is hand painted with beautiful lavender flowers and cured to last!  They make wonderful gifts to the essential oil enthusiast or to use for yourself.  We reccomend purchasing our lavender essential oil to blend in this beautiful bottle. It fits great in your pocket or purse!

*This bottle is empty and for your personal use to blend oils.  Since each bottle is hand painted they are each unique. 

  • Product Info

    The glass bottle is shockproof and protects the essential oils you blend in them against harmful UV rays.  The roller ball is stainless steel and corrosion resistant. The screw thread bottle mouth is matched with a plated aluminum alloy cap which fits tightly and can effectively prevent any liquid leakage.  The bottle is painted with enamel paint and cured.  It can be gently washed. 

  • How To Use

    We send  the bottle without the roller ball attached so it is ready to fill.  We reccomend using a small funnel when you blend. Once filled just snap the ball casing into place.  To remove the roller ball component to refill you can use a thin flat edge to slide between the bottle and plastic to pop it off or purchase a roller ball remover tool.  

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