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Lavender Essential Oil Soy Candle- Amber Glass

Lavender Essential Oil Soy Candle- Amber Glass


These 100% soy candles are made with the finest lavender essential oil from our farm. Each candle is meticulously hand poured using a double twisted wick that will create a heart shaped flame or spiral flame as it burns. Ideal for kitchens,  bathrooms, dens, or where romance is in the air! Provides at least 15 hours of burn time. You will love the aroma this candle provides. Available in 8oz black glass with a gold lid or amber glass with a black lid.

  • Product Info

    100% soy and 3/4oz of pure lavender essential oil.

  • How To Use

    When lighting your candle make sure you let a layer of melted wax form from each edge of the jar to avoid “tunneling.” Place on a heat resistant surface, for example you can easily place the candle on the lid to use as a heat resistant surface. Keep away from walls and materials that are flammable. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. To be safe, its best to have the candle within sight at all times.

  • Shipping

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