From Our Lavender Farm to Your Home

When Dave Murray first saw the carriage house, it was a dilapidated, weed-covered building with little hope of survival. At one time a barn for miniature ponies, it was abandoned and appeared destined for demolition. But there was something about the land it sat on, with its sweeping views of Oregon’s Willamette Valley that Dave could not resist. And, he saw something in the carriage house that no one else could see – he saw promise!


Determined to give it a second life, Dave took a deep breath and bought the carriage house, along with the land that surrounded it. He began the painstaking process of rebuilding and repurposing the old barn into a craftmanship home. He planted dozens of pine trees that have grown into a small forest and he grew acres of pumpkins which were a huge hit with the local kids who were looking for giant Jack-O-Lanterns. Unfortunately, they were also a big hit with the local deer, who would show up by the dozens and almost overnight, decimate Dave’s pumpkin patch.


Not to be deterred, Dave set out to find a new crop to plant and in the process made a discovery that would change his life forever. It turned out that the soil on Dave’s property was absolutely perfect for growing lavender -- a kind of lavender known for its rare and distinctive oils. These oils are carefully extracted and are known to help us sleep better, reduce anxiety and rejuvenate the skin.


Today, the Carriage House has been completely refinished and serves as our headquarters. We now offer an award-winning line of outstanding, fragrance-enhanced lavender products for both men and women. Our luxurious Shea Butter Creme will help heal skin dryness and enhance collagen production. The After Shave Lotion for men has just the right touch of soothing eucalyptus and mint. And whether you’re a full time farmer or a weekend gardener, our Gardeners Hand Therapy with Lavender and Rosemary will give new life to rough hands. And not to be overlooked are the products for your home such as Lavender Enhanced Oil Soy Wax Candles and our irresistible Lavender Foaming Hand Soap. Every Carriage House product is the perfect blend of lavender oil and natural, essential oil fragrances designed for healing, soothing and comforting. Simply put, it’s the fragrances you love in the products you love.


                                                                                                            That’s our promise to you!