From Our Lavender Farm to Your Home

The idea for Carriage House Lavender was born in 2015, but before that happened, the Carriage House on our lavender farm has transformed over the years.  When first built in August 1967, it was designed as a functional barn for miniature ponies.  Over the years it was abandoned and overgrown with shrubs and blackberries.  It seemed as if the structure was doomed to nothing more than a decaying building with no life or future.   Time passed as it always does, and the old barn just sat there empty with no attention and no care. 


Our founder bought the farm and started growing pumpkins and revitalizing the old barn over the years to the carriage house it is today.  Each year the fields would produce some amazing jack-o-lanterns and there was laughter and joy that filled the hearts of locals and friends.  After a few years the deer discovered the farm as a delicious local food source.  They would come through the fields by the dozens and ravage the crops. Our founder decided it was time to grow something different. That is when a dream he didn’t know he had took place.  Lavender was the answer! Not only are the plants beautiful, but they had many wonderful benefits. 


There was no holding back our founder once the passion for lavender took hold and the field started expanding quickly. The only question he had was what could he do with all of the lavender oil from his plants?  He quickly noticed and learned through discussions that his male friends with facial hair had no good resource for a beard oil that would hydrate and improve the looks of their skin and hair.  Hence, the first product evolved, our Revitalizing Beard Oil!  It was a hit with those who tried it!


The benefits of lavender oil as a key men’s product just became more and more obvious.  The plain simple truth is that men like the scent of lavender, especially combined with other masculine scents.  Once the Beard Oil had been created our founder started adding more products like lavender soap and lavender candles for the home.  We look to our customers and their needs now to continue growing our product lines and creating high quality products for all of you! 


Thank you for your business!


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