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DIY Lavender Wreath Making

Updated: Jul 11

DIY wreath in process, with Opal Rain and Riverina Thomas lavender from Oregon lavender farm
Photo of a partially-made wreath, with Opal Rain and Riverina Thomas lavender from our farm

Lavender wreaths are a tasteful and aromatic addition to anyone’s front door or home. We may be most familiar with Christmas wreaths, but they can be enjoyed year-round! Learn how to create your own DIY lavender wreath, with easy, step by step directions. Don’t be intimidated by the dried lavender wreath Martha Stewart would make! Our wreath tutorial should be easy to follow. We want to inspire your inner artist! Anyone can make a beautiful flower wreath.

If you’re looking for instructions on how to plant and care for lavender plants. stay tuned to this blog to learn the farmers’ recommendation to lavender care.

However, pruning your lavender plants is an important part to lavender care, and will help produce the most beautiful, tall blooms! Regular pruning also prevents a lavender plant from becoming “woody,” an aesthetic choice many people wish to avoid.

Maybe you’ve just pruned, and have piles of lavender lying around! Perfect! Make a wreath!

Materials image used in how to make your own lavender wreath
Materials needed for this project: floral wire, scissors to trim, and plenty of lavender