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You’re probably wondering what the heck dreams have to do with men’s grooming and lavender products. We’ve got to turn the clock back more than a few years to answer that question. Those were the days I told my daughters that there are three kinds of dreams:

· Sleepy night time dreams,

· Daydreams where nothing much productive happens, and

· Dreams of the future where action make those dreams come true. Then, like any dad would say: “You’re never too old to dream dreams of the future.”

Growing lavender on my small farm in Oregon wasn’t something I had planned on doing. In fact, growing lavender wasn’t even on my “got to do” list at the time I planted my first 600 plants. I only had one goal – keep herds of foraging deer off the property (they don’t like lavender!). Planting those 600 plants was laborious and fatiguing for sure. And, get this: I knew nothing about lavender farming. Nothing! But I had an action plan and an abundance of fearless over-confidence. “What did I have to lose?” Right?

Then came the often-asked question from friends, neighbors and other observers of my venture. “What are you going to do with that lavender?” I’ll admit – embarrassingly, at first, I did not have an answer. But that zealous over-confidence found an equally over-confident response. My answer became the same every time I was asked that question. “I’m going to do three things I responded. First, I’m going to develop a product line using lavender oil in men’s grooming products. Second, I’m going to develop home products that both men and women can enjoy. And, third I’m going to create a wedding venue here on my property where people in love can always remember.” For sure it was easy to see the skeptical looks on their faces and the faint reassuring “okaaaay then.” And, sometimes there was an awkward silence lingering that brought my own over-confidence into reality. The only thought I could muster up to overcome that doubt was: “What did I have to lose? I had an action plan!” Right?

The more I learned and the more I studied lavender I found out about its amazing benefits. I also learned that men were, indeed, seeking sleep aid products and grooming products that had the benefits of lavender. So, there came the demand and it wasn’t long before I was able to find the help I needed to develop soap that would help with exfoliation and a soothing moisturizer for coarse beard hair. These products are now the core products for Carriage House Lavender. I hope you will try our products. Enjoy them, please. Follow us on this exciting journey. For now, we are a young company, founded by an old guy anxious to develop more and more lavender products. “What do we have to lose? Right?”

Getting back to the subject of dreams…. I guess now I’ve discovered that there is a fourth kind of dream. The kind of dreams you never knew you had. And, I guess it’s true about that age adage I gave the kids back then, because I am old guy dreaming dreams.

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