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Lavender for men? You’ve got to be kidding!

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Do men really want lavender products? Absolutely, yes! More and more men are discovering the benefits of lavender. And, not only that, but more men are concerned about their health, grooming and skin care. Perfect for the natural ingredient benefits of lavender. For a long time now, lavender has been thought of primarily as a woman’s product. But that’s changing. The reason is that the oil produced from the lavender plant can be easily combined with other essential oils and fragrances.

That’s exactly why CHL has been a leading pioneer in perfecting the lavender products men want. The product engineers at CHL spent two years researching which cultivar of lavender produces superior oil. Arguably, oil scent is like wine varietals. Sometimes it just comes down to a matter of personal taste. However, the extensive research done at CHL indicates that one of the best lavender oils is extracted from a cultivar that originated in Australia, which is now grown at the CHL farm. Good news; eh mate?

Well, it really was good news at CHL. Our number one goal was to develop superior men’s products and home products using a high-quality oil and not some weakened or diluted substitute often found in the market. In a recent article that appeared in Men’s Health the author, David Yi [1] clearly identifies some problems for beard growers. He states that beards can become dehydrated and prickly from lack of moisture. So, the goal to have a great looking beard is to hydrate and soften so that split ends don’t break off. I liked it when Mr. Yi said in his article that taking care of your beard “…is super easy and takes mere seconds in your day.” He’s correct.

When we interviewed men with beards one common comment we found was that they wanted their beard to look groomed and attractive most of the day. When it came to scent there was also a common theme that they did not want the smell to be so strong that it was distracting like an overpowering after shave. Yet, they wanted to have a scent that complemented their grooming efforts. When developing our beard oil all those concerns were considered. We ended up with what we sought – a superior beard oil – rich in masculine scent with the exact right touch of lavender to promote growth and soften your beard. Whether your grooming is at the beginning of the day or at the end of your day, using beard oil makes sense. I hope you will try our beard oil.

[1] Men’s Health, March 30th, 2019, David Yi

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