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On your mark, get set, Grow!

Get ready gentlemen, November is No Shave November. That’s right! November is a great time to raise awareness to fight cancer by having some fun and not having to pull out the razor each day. Go ahead… Grow that beard! Grow that mustache! For those guys that already have facial hair - keep on growing!

So, let’s get down to business. What exactly is No Shave November? The organization was founded in 2009 by the “Chicagoland Hill Family” as they refer to themselves to pay tribute to their father Mathew Hill who passed away from colon cancer. Simply stated by the organization: “Our goal is to keep raising money for cancer prevention, education, and research and to let that hair grow in the process!” Since 2009 the organization has made significant contributions to worthwhile charities.

Carriage House Lavender wants to help. We are contributing 10% of all product sales to this worthy cause and additionally we have started our own team. In turn, we are asking you to do what you can. Here’s how you can help:

  • First, you can join our team and make a donation. Simple; right? We really want to see our team at the top of the leaderboard! Click on this link to join then find the button on the left that says “Join Team.” Or you can paste this link into your browser:

  • Second, you could start your own team. It’s easy to do!

  • Third, you can donate directly to this worthy cause by clicking on their web site.

Let's get this done this year as the organization seeks to out perform last year and help organizations such as St Judes, Prevent Cancer, and Fight Colorectal Cancer.



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