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10 ml - Pure Lavender Essential Oil - Miss Katherine

10 ml - Pure Lavender Essential Oil - Miss Katherine


Our high quality essential oil comes directly from our plants on our lavender farm in Oregon.  This is 100% pure oil please read the "How To Use" section. 


Miss Katherine is the ONLY lavender varietal that went itno this pure essential oil. The core of lavender fragrance has mild herbal notes. The finishing fragrance forms a classic angustifolia base. Mild woody, green, and balsamic scents giving a pleasant, tea-like impression. It is unlike other lavender essential oils–it is better!


This is a rare oil, and one of the finest! It is the best of the best of lavender oils. 

  • Product Info


    100% Pure Lavender Oil from a cultivar imported from Austrailia and grown on our farm. 

  • How To Use

    Do not put pure oil directly onto skin.  Dilute before use using a carrier oil such as olive oil and dilute by at least 50%.  Keep pure oil out of reach of children and pets.  Keep away from flames.  Store in a cool dark place to ensure your oils longevity. 

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