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Lavender Sachet - Lavender or White Bag

Lavender Sachet - Lavender or White Bag


The dried lavender flowers that come directly from our Oregon lavender farm. Perfect for sock drawers, closets, or for keeping small areas smelling nice.  If you are ordering white bags we may need one extra day to package those, but we will gladly let you know by email if that's the case.


We enjoy sprinkling some dried lavender into our baths, keeping it in our dressers to keep our clothes smelling fresh, or to have on-hand for any particularly stressful moments during our day. 


The care that goes into tending our lavender comes through even dried: the scent is stronger than other stuff you find online, with beautiful variations in the color of the dried lavender flowers. 


Perfect party favor for weddings, or to toss instead of rice or confetti. Amazing for crafts, if you enjoy making candles or gifts. Pretty darn great just to hold in your hand.

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