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Gardener's Hand Therapy to Restore

Updated: Jul 7

Picture from Gardener's Hand Therapy from Carriage House Lavender in Sherwood, Oregon. Rosemary Lavender Hand cream therapy, Lavender bergamot

When I garden, I seldom use gardening gloves. Gardening is a meditative and grounding activity for me (haha, get it?). I enjoy the feeling of dirt against my skin; it is worth the damage.

And boy, is there some damage.

For some, gardening is paired with classical music, NPR, and carefully trimmed hedges. It is not a calm activity for me; rather, I am pretending I am a giant bringing destruction and calamity. No weed is more powerful than I! The tearing, frantic motions are part of the fun.

Splinters find their way into my palm; small cuts and grazes are common.

If gardening tends to my frenzied thoughts, our Gardener’s Hand Therapy tends to the havoc of hands.

Our Gardener’s Hand Therapy varieties were created and developed by a farmer; it is up to the task. GHT differs from our other cremés because it is packed with wholesome ingredients that repair and restore the skin barrier, like jojoba oil, witch hazel, vitamin E, black willow bark extract, neem oil, and more. It is a rewarding hand cream therapy treatment.

Its ingredients rival the best of the best hand lotions, including Supergoop! That’s right, I’m bringing Supergoop! into this.

If you don’t know, Supergoop! boasts SPF skin products that cost more than silver per ounce. Really. A one oz bottle costs $50-plus! But that doesn’t buy you whole ingredients; the Forever Young Hand Cream contains a whole swath of words I would loath to read aloud in a class.

Nor does it have lavender essential oil, which, of course, we’re partial to. Lavender is known for its pain relief properties, as well as being a natural insect repellent, so its usage in a hand repairing cremé is essential.

We have Lavender-Rosemary GHT as well as Lavender-Bergamot GHT. Both are great choices, and b