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Stress Relief!

Vietnam Veteran

I was chatting with one of our customers the other day and the subject of “stress” came up. It was two days before Veterans Day and the topic of how some veterans suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) came up. Our conversation then evolved into a wider range of stress related issues. It included topics from service-related PTSD to stress in children due to COVID. In between those two topics was everyday stress of adults in this day and age. We both sighed as we agreed that today’s work and lifestyles are really complicated for most of us. As a veteran owned business this entire topic became of extreme interest.

In all honesty, without prompting her, she began talking about why she uses our sleep and relaxation spray. First, she began to explain how stressful her job was. I could easily relate to her comments. Then, she acknowledged that she was just like every other working parent in this busy world we live in. I could empathize entirely! And finally, she began to explain how she uses the spray. She had two solutions. Her preference was to spray it all around her bedroom before going to sleep and another was to spray it directly onto her linens. She then added three more comments. First, she said our spray “…makes her sleep longer.” Second, she said that it did, indeed “…make her more relaxed.” Third, she said I want you to write a blog about what I have to say.

I am very proud of all of our products. In addition to easing anxiety and helping us sleep better, studies have shown that the essential oils in lavender can speed up the healing process of minor wounds, cuts, and sunburn. It can help relieve pain and nausea. So, it’s important for us that we take the time to ensure that each one of our products is perfectly designed.

Before I close out this blog, there is one more truth. We DO live in a stressful world! I am so thankful for the comments from our customer. But a relaxation spray may not be enough if you are experiencing real anxiety, stress, or even depression. Seek help. Talk to a friend, counselor, or a person that can help you. The American Stress Organization might be a good starting point as well.


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