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Riverina Thomas and Miss Katherine LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL Spotlight

Updated: Jul 21

Blog post about the 100% pure lavender essential oil that Carriage House Lavender makes, as well as why we choose to isolate our Riverina Thomas lavender and Miss Katherine lavender varieties.
Our copper distiller that we use to make our pure lavender essential oil

Carriage House Lavender, aka the local Oregon lavender farm, is undertaking an exciting new effort: distinguishing our 100% pure lavender essential oil by lavender varietal and year.

Often, when you buy “pure” lavender oil, it is a mix of lavender varieties! Not often do lavender oils get grouped by type of lavender plant, and year. This is an exciting endeavor not often seen outside of the wine industry. We want to start!

Just like grapes, environmental changes and weather events affect the crop. The lavender oil from 2020 smells different from the pure lavender oil of 2021, when Oregon saw that extreme heat wave. This year is shaping up to be different, as well!

Currently, we have the beginnings of a few “vintages:” 2020 Riverina Thomas lavender oil, and 2020 Miss Katherine oil. Riverina Thomas French lavender, or lavandula riverina thomas is an Australian variety of lavender, known for its high-quality lavender oil. This is one of just three lavender varieties we grow on our lavender farm in Sherwood, Oregon.

This care and attention to detail in our essential oils make our products the best pure lavender essential oil there is! Are we biased? Yes. Are we right? Also, yes.

Our Riverina Thomas essential oil is sharp, floral, and complex. There is the recognizable and familiar base of lavender, with depth and notes not often present.